Entry #8

Pillow City game with NG Medal now!

2014-03-18 04:09:21 by frozz

Hi Guys, 

We add NG medal in Pillow City game now, please feel free to give any comments or critics so we can make better games. Thank you

Play it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/635650



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2014-03-19 16:16:14



2014-03-23 00:39:50

The first thing that should be improved in this game is the english. The spelling, the conjugation and the use of words depending on contexts are bad. It's like you didn't give a damn of the textual content. Honestly, I could probably fix that myself. Except for the english, the game shows at least some decent content.

frozz responds:

thank you for the critics, thank you for playing our game